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OFridge is a young and ambitious digital agency located in New Delhi – capital of India. Based on their vast experience involving all kinds of digitally-based projects, OFridge has gathered a large team of professionals, ready to meet your needs and develop your ideas..

Our philosophy is simple. We appreciate individuality and creativity. We use samples and our developments upon clients’ request, but we also do have creative professionals, able to find effective solutions for a given goal. We love our work and think that it is our main advantage.

We consider “human” resources to be the most valuable. Our business analytics provide effective monitoring of your business and provide detailed and up-to-date reports on requested fields of work. To communicate effectively with our clients we have gathered a team of knowledgeable project-managers with vast Web experience. Within OFridge we work tirelessly to find innovative ways to collaborate with our clients. We do this to establish an atmosphere of creativity, innovation, and mutual respect, and to facilitate the process of knowledge transfer and the exchange of ideas.
For a confidential discussion of how OFridge can assist your business please call us at +917838878488 or feel free to drop us an email at